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including a speech this morning in orlando before flying to a michigan leadership conference. his moderate views may have heard him in florida. >>> mitt romney did not actively court florida voters for the straw poll. he campaigned in michigan today and expects to win an informal poll there. romney has strong roots in michigan where his father was a popular governor during the 1960s. >>> in his weekly address, president obama today stressed the urgency of reforming the country's education system. >> it's time to put our teachers back on the job. it's time to rebuild and modernize our schools and it's time to raise our standards, up our game and do everything it takes to prepare our children to succeed in the global economy. >> yesterday, the president announced reforms to the bush- era "no child left behind" act. that will give states more flexibility to meet high standards for teaching and learning. >>> the president is set to visit the bay area tomorrow. air force one is scheduled to touch down at moffett field just before 5 p.m. the president is expected to attend two fundraisers sunday
governor campaignd in michigan. romney has strong roots in michigan where his father was a governor in the 1960s. >>> at this hour, two americans held in an iranian prison are on their way here. they are expect to the land tomorrow morning at 1:11 a.m. at new york's jfk airport. the two were released from an inrare r rannian prison earlier this week. they arrived in oman on wednesday. just hours after we left prison, we were able to swim in the gulf. we stayed up all night with our loved ones, and we watched the most beautiful sunset we have ever seen. >> reporter: sarah shourd, bauer's if iian way was in oman to welcome the two men. the three were arrested along the iraq-iran border and accused of spying. the three were convicted. shourd was released about a year ago. >>> two men were arrested for hacking into a government website. they are charmed with tampering with the site in december of last year. authorities say that the man hacked into the site in retaliation for a police crackdown on sleeping in public in santa cruz county. if convicted, they could face ten years in prison.
was tailgating at the michigan football game and then it happened." [ laughter ] >> shut the front door. >> and the crowd goes wild. >> people are jumping up and down, screaming, slapping high fives. these are two grannies in their gears sporting their michigan gear. >> clearly, they have some experience in this area. in case somebody doesn't know, you poke a hole in the side. >> this is not a fair race, you are saying? ♪ >>> jonathan mann started writing a song a day starting in january of 2009. he's written a jingle every day since then. ♪ are you a real person >> coming up next week, it's gonna be his 1,000th song. >> yes. sometimes i'm going to suck but -- and this is the important part -- so what. >> so he has a really great spirit about what he goes through each day to kind of create this stuff. it doesn't matter if you are not great every day. >> there's a 10% that the song will be glorious, be completely awesome. >> tell us about your kick- start campaign, because doing a song a day is not the end of the story. >> i started it by setting aside a month where i could gather al
guys are seeing is a video from the monroe nightly news in monoree county, michigan. it's of agents at the -- atf agents believe that 42-year-old attorney eric chapel was the target of a car bombing that left him and his two young sons severely injured on tuesday evening. >> what's going on here? >> eric chapel works as a managing partner of a law firm in ohio which is neighboring monroe, michigan. it's on the border. he was taking his two young sons to football practice at 5:41 p.m. when the bomb detonated. the atf released a statement on wednesday afternoon all they know is yes, it was a targeted car bomb and it was placed specifically in a place on the family's volvo that would make the most impact. they all survived, the two young sons underwent emergency surgery. and mr. chapel suffered an injury to the right side of his body. people who were at the scene of the fire are saying that mr. chapel dragged his two sons out and saved them. >> is there any speculation as to what case it was that he was on that might have led to something this violent? >> investigators are saying that
of the michigan study. it shows that nonverbal factor including body language and physical appearance combine with tone of voice sending the vibes about what they are sending. >>> a southern california man is recovering after surviving six days in a ravine car crashing his car. he was rescued from the angeles national forest. the man's family had not heard from him in six days so they started searching. >> stopped in every is a reason and looked over every hill and my brother got out of the car and we kept screaming. the next thing, we heard dad say, help, help, and there he was. >> doctors say he survived by drinking water from a river and eating bugs and leaves. he suffered a broken collar bone and cuts and bruises but he is expected to be okay. >>> cycling fans in the bay area will soon have a chance to ride side by side with tour de france winner alberto contador. he tweeted that he is flying to the united states and invited fellow cyclists to come ride in sausalito. he didn't give specifics but told fans to stay tuned for more details. the spanish cyclist won the tour de france in 2010,
inside. the explosion happened while they were driving in monroe michigan tuesday night they are surprised all three survived the bombing which turned the car into a hunk of medal. we now have a 911 call made by the father. >> i have two significant leg injuries, one is his bottom left leg, and one to his left buttock, 8 tissue wounds, they are bleeding i need someone here now. >> this has now become a federal investigation and police believe the father may have been targeted. he is a well-known attorney for divorce and business dispute cases. all three remain in the hospital in critical condition. >>> time now 4:49, a new look for facebook. but even new changes are coming today. >>> and it is one of california's most famous attractions and why some people are now fighting to keep it out of the spotlight. whoa. you gotta be kidding! you guys are exactly who i had in mind when i created my new jumbo breakfast platter. it's a ton of food: 8 of my new mini pancakes, hash brown sticks, scrambled eggs, plus bacon or sausage, all for only $2.99. it's just the kind of breakfast
in michigan today saying it's time for political games to end in washington so that americans can get back to work. in a preview to his jobs speech he said a million construction workers across america need jobs. coming up later at 5:30, how he wants to brighten the picture. >>> turning now to fort bragg and the effort underway to try to catch a killer. the gunman who shot and killed a city councilman was spotted yesterday. then disappeared. ktvu's rita williams is joining us live now. >> reporter: i am standing at the county sheriff's substation in fort bragg. it's the command senter for the hunt of the killer. this is the eight day that 50 law enforcement officials from local, county state and federal agencies have been searching the woods around fort bragg but they still haven't been able to find this man. suspected of killing killing a city councilman. . >> i am looking for the apprehension. last thing we want is anymore violence. we want safe apprehension. anyone who has contact with him, get the word out there. we want this to come to a safe conclusion. >> we consider him very danger
, edison and michigan gas companies. >>> the state's high school juniors are showing improvement in math and english skills, according to statistics released by the state system today. the assessment program shows an increase of 10% from 2006, in students and who completed algebra two or higher. in english, students deemed college ready are up to 22%. that's a 7% increase from 2006. >>> colleges students converge and on the cap to today to push the governor to sign the dream act bill. >> we have the opportunity to have brown signed a piece of legislation that's not only critical to a few students in the university, it's critical to all students in the university. >>> the students delivered a stack of 11,000 postcards urging the governor to sign the measure. it would allow students who are illegal immigrants to receive state aid for college. governor brown also has to decide whether to sign a bill which calls for improved breast cancer detection in california. the bill was authored by senator joe schmid onand requires following a mammogram, patients be inferred that dense tissue can obscu
:21. it was a bazaar scene on a michigan lake. how a fishing trip turn under to a rescue mission. >>> weather is in the forecast for your weekend. we are dealing with a little bit of gray. when the gray will be gone and when the sunshine will arrive we'll take a look coming up. (laughter) sorry i'm late, i was in the 16th century looking for pete's pen. (laughter) guys, guys. take it easy, ok? pete's mom is videochatting me, and she wants her pen back! ok, alright, well. i just got one. so... yeah, you've got a little... yep, i can feel the wet patch. don't look at it. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay. who should get it? i really love jennifer. yeah, she's great. yeah. yeah. kyle's got that thick head of hair. and that should be rewarded. ok, moment of truth. on "three," say which kid you love the most. oh, fun, yeah. 1...2...3... jennifer. jennifer. whoa. wow. ha! she's so pretty. yeah. or, we give it to kyle. it's really all he's got. [ male announcer ] switch to at&t u-verse and record four shows all at the same time. just $29 a month for 6 months. at&t. >>> father and
. >>> the university of michigan announced today that apple set a new record high for personal computers including tablets on its american customer satisfaction index. apple received an 87 on the 100 point scale. hp came in second followed by dell. >>> the raging waters before it hits and the massive effort to evacuate people. >>> back here we do wednesday forecast, it is another spare the air day tomorrow so you know it's going to be hot. i'll show you which cities will be the hottest and i'll show you how hot. >>> airline fees that now reach $400. which airlines and what you will get in exchange. ? >>> officials officials tonight are trying to figure out what caused an explosion. that rig is still burning tonight. about a dozen workers were on the rig just before the blast but authorities say a warning allowed them time to escape. no one was hurt. but evacuations are still in place for several homes in that area. >>> we have new information tonight about a crime spree in san jose that included a homicide. as we first reported last weekend, paul castillo is facing charges for kidnapping and kil
michigan is safe tonight after a bizarre crash that left him and his suv suspended up in the air. check out these pictures here. detroit area police say the elderly driver had to be rescued from that suv after driving on to a utility pole cable. fortunately that cable wasn't charged and the driver wasn't hurt. no one else was in the suv. >>> all right let's talk about our weather. it was beautiful today and just like you called it bill. it heated up big time. >> it really did come up today. so much that the bay area air quality management district has issued our fourth, only our fourth spare the air day for wednesday. it's going to be hotter tomorrow in the inland locations. could see triple digit heat. haven't seen a lot of that this year. along the coast, if you've lived here any amount of time you know what this means. when the fog cannot get past twin peaks and it's so shallow it can't get over the russian hill or the east side of the city, that means means you're going to get heat in here. very hot day tomorrow. no records anticipated. when you get 98 degrees inland which is what we'l
for you guys. a father and son in michigan go fishing and real in a whopper this video from dave and justin falkenburg, out on a fishing trip spending some man time together. they see a fawn flailing around in the lake. dad reaches over the boat, reaches the fawn's head and keeps it above water. just as they get close enough, dad puts the fawn back in the water and off he goes. now he's close enough to get back to land. boy is that one happy little fawn. >> that fawn was freaking out. did you see when he was holding the head. it took some strength, i'm sure. >> deer are usually not used to being held. >> how did he get there? >> it's a great question. i have not heard back from the deer yet. we are trying to get skype him. deer are getting in trouble all over the place. we've seen them in grocery stores, caught in rock walls, trapped in a lake. >> what would be hilarious if they went home and today the story and said honey i caught a fawn this big. >> i'm about to show you guys a skateboarding legend in the making and he's point-sized. >> no way! this dougherty. he landed the rar
of lake michigan. it was all caught on videdededel university. meteorologists say the water spouts are common in this region this time of year because the water is warmer than the air. pretty amazing. >> you used to have to travel to israel to take a look at the dead sea scrolls at the museum wwffffffff visit them yourself online from home. google took a high resolution camera and photographed five of the scrolls. you can look it up by chapter, column and verse. amazing what you can scsca@a@a@@ >> is it cooler to see them in person, do you think? >> i think it would be kind of a spiritual experience to see them e in person. i hear people who go to the holy land and want to be rebaptized where john the baptist baptized jesus. >> can i see it in different languages? >> it's in hebrew and english now. >> and it's not just the language. it's so high resolution you can experien experience visually what the dead sea scroll is. >> you can sea the tears and the paper is worn. >> if you watch the video it's amazing where they keep the scrolls locked up. it's under serious lock and key led.
another opening yesterday, in shanghai. >>> a michigan woman lost her disability benefits due to her facebook posting. she says she has back problems that forced her to leave her mangel job. she could no longer sit for eight hours but the insurance company denied her disability claims after reviewing her facebook page. that's where she talked about flying to china and her love of vacuuming. >> turns out they did a lot of surveillance on me on facebook and there wasn't anything that i'm ashamed of but they misinterpret information, took it out of context. they quoted stuff from my facebook that seemed totally unrelated. >> we try to determine -- and we'll do -- can do anything that is available to us that's legal, and certainly social media investigation is legal. >> thompson says she sat in reclinable seats in her flight to china. >>> heavy fog and sunshine and now a little possibility of rain? yes, we may need our umbrellas. it was just 100 degrees in livermore yesterday. and by sunday temperatures from 15 to 20 degrees cooler than friday. today we're going to knock it off 10 to 15
under investigation. >>> in michigan a father and his two sons are recovering after being injured in a car bombing. this is video taken a short time ago -- a short time after their car exploded on tuesday. investigators say someone planted a bomb in the car. it went off while the father was driving his sons to football practice. all three are expected to survive. investigators don't know the motive. a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to arrests. >>> time 8:18. we have breaking news. this just came in. the nba, the national basketball association just announced training camps have been postponed indefinitelily. the nba is also canceling 43 preseason games. the nba hasn't been able to work out a new collective bargaining agreement with the players association. nba players have been locked out since july. the regular season is scheduled to open november 1 if a deal can be reached. again, this is information just coming in and we'll be waiting to see how the golden state warriors and other teams will be affected. >> we just mentioned earlier that kobe bryant is
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